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von Alina Rudnitskaia, Russland 2013, 59 Minuten

A mobile blood donation center drives around small towns like a touring circus. Russia has no shortage of donors: the old, the young, the unemployed and the retirees all queue to be treated by the arduous but motherly nurses. The state pays 850 rubles for a half a liter of blood, which is equivalent to approximately 17 EUR. For many it is their only income. The film pulsates life like blood coursing in an artery. The surgeons save lives while the poor people’s blood flows out of them, creating a powerful metaphor of the society as whole.


von Alina Rudnitskaia, Russland 2015, 30 Minuten

A courageous portrait of what its like to be gay in today’s Russia, from Alina Rudnitskaya, one of the country’s most important young filmmakers.

Against the backdrop of annual Victory Day celebrations – a commemoration of Russia’s defeat of Nazi Germany – six gay and lesbian couples talk candidly about their lives and the troubling changes they’re witnessing in their country. Sitting in their apartments, behind closed doors and windows, they share touching stories of how they met and fell in love, the difficulties of coming out to their families, but also the anger and violence they’re seeing from their neighbors and co-workers.

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